The Greuner Protocol™

At NYC Surgical Associates, one of the things we have gained by being one of the busiest vein practices in the country includes a large amount of experience, with all types of patients.

This includes re-operative patients, complicated patients, patients that have been turned down elsewhere, and recurrent disease. We have learned that different ethnicities and patients with different anatomy are better suited to a tailor made approach rather than the “one size fits all” thought process used at most centers.

Because we track our results closely, we have learned from experience what it takes to deliver superior long term results in every patient. We offer a wide range of technology and procedures to tailor the best treatment plan to each patient, and realize that no two patients are the same.

Using this wide based experience with all types of patients, technologies, and the results of our research, Dr. Greuner has established clinical guidelines based on our experience that allows for the same standard of care to be delivered in a reliable fashion for all patients, at all of our centers – The Greuner Protocol.

Every physician trained at the Vein Centers of NYC Surgical Associates has been fellowship trained and mentored in a supervised practice environment using the Greuner Protocol to ensure that standard of patient care remains impeccable every time, for every patient.