Men With Varicose Veins Receive Advanced Treatment At Vein Centers of NYC Surgical Associates.

Men Develop Bulging Leg Veins Nearly As Frequently As Women, But They Tend To Seek Help Later, says Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr. David Greuner.

New York, NY – “New techniques can eliminate varicose veins and treat venous disease with minimal downtime,” says Dr. David Greuner,  Surgical Director of  NYC Surgical Associates. “A New Jersey man who has had vein problems for years is undergoing advanced treatments that will correct a lifetime of discomfort and embarrassment,” says Dr. Greuner.

John, 48, says that he has had noticeably bulging veins on his legs for over 20 years. “It’s always been embarrassing,” he says. “I like to go the beach, but seldom too because I’m too self-conscious of my varicose veins to wear shorts.”

“John is a complicated case because he had deep vein disease as well,” says Dr. Greuner. “He also was in a motorcycle accident, which caused us to take a step by step approach to his treatment. We have completed treatment on his left leg, which was injured in the accident and now we are about to treat his right leg, which actually has worse varicose veins than did the left leg. “We address more than just cosmetic issues in the majority of cases,” says Dr. Greuner. “Many of patients have serious vein problems which may be addressed with a combination of advanced procedures.

“I hate the look of my legs, and the bulging veins cause a lot of discomfort,” says John, a computer systems consultant and resident of New Jersey. “Varicose veins run in my family; my dad underwent vein stripping surgery years ago, but more varicose veins developed after his surgery.”

“Most people don’t associate varicose veins with males but men and women develop varicose veins in almost equal numbers,” says Dr. Greuner. “Over 40% of the male population is expected to develop venous problems by age 50,” he says. “However, men tend to seek medical care later in the course of their disease than do women. All of our treatments, even for severe deep vein disease are essentially scarless,” says Dr. Greuner. “With the more advanced cutting edge treatments using image guidance the results are also far better, with near zero recurrence.”

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Dr. David Greuner Appears on the Dr. Steve show with No-Knife Endovenous Laser

New York, NY – Dr. David Greuner and his patient Danielle appear on the Dr. Steve show with a demonstration of his new technique, No-Knife Endovenous Laser ™ which can be used to treat leg cramps and varicose veins without leaving any scars. Dr. Greuner is the Surgical Director at Vein Centers of NYC Surgical Associates.

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Dr. David Greuner Appears on CBS 2′s “The Couch” Wed. Sept. 4th

New York, NY – Dr. David A. Greuner, Surgical Director at Vein Centers of NYC Surgical Associates visits CBS 2‘s “The Couch” on September 4th to discuss the week’s latest health topics.The segment is scheduled to air at approximately 7:15 a.m. Dr. Greuner will comment on the following topics:

1. Music and improving heart health.

2. Some of the newest flu vaccines called “quadrivalent” vaccines can guard against four strains of the flu. (Most vaccines guard against three strains.)

3. A new report finds teenagers who see their friends smoking and drinking in photos on Facebook and other social networking sites drink and smoke too.

4. A new study ties perfectionism is to workaholism.