For Men

Women are not the only patients who suffer from venous disorders. Men and women actually develop vein issues in almost the same numbers, but typically seek care later in the course of their disease. In fact, greater than 40 percent of the male population is expected to develop venous problems by age 50.

In general, activities more typical of men that worsen vein disease include heavy lifting, standing or sitting for prolonged periods, and weight training. Men that we see often wait out seeking help, in the hopes that the condition will improve. Vein disease, once present, never improves. In most cases, best you can do is prevent significant progress by wearing uncomfortable compression garments.

A large concern of most men that visit us at Vein Centers is the disability involved, and if time is needed off of work to attend to their problem. Most have heard horror stories in the past about vein stripping and the problems involved. At Vein Centers of NYC Surgical Associates, we use the most modern technology and tailor our approach to every patient for ZERO downtime procedures.

Almost all of our patients can go back to work the SAME DAY after treatment, and do not have any pain that is not completely controlled by medication such as Advil or Motrin.

After a consult and examination at one of our centers, your surgeon will determine what form of treatment is best suited for you and your vein condition. If you will be provided with information to prepare them for these procedures as well, including insurance coverage information, and follow up care.

Come see how simple it can be to resolve something that you have been living with for years. You don’t have to suffer any more. Put your legs in skilled hands.