Re-Do Vein Procedures

Vein treatment has undergone huge improvements in the last 5 years because of both better technology as well as the involvement of more physicians in this relatively new field.

During the early stages of any new surgical procedure, often there are issues not addressed, largely because at that point in time we as physicians did not realize their importance.

Many of our patients at NYC Surgical have undergone inferior procedures in the past, such as vein stripping, earlier forms of vein ablation, and/or incomplete treatment for all vein issues that were present.

Because of the large volume of patients treated at our offices, we are very experienced in both initial and re-operative treatments, for any and all reasons.

We offer all forms of treatments, and will discuss the plan most ideal for your particular issue. If you have had a procedure in the past and are dissatisfied with your results, you are not alone, and you dont need to suffer.

We will evaluate your situation, discuss with you options, and move forward after a full discussion and agreement on a plan to get your circulation in perfect health.