EVLT (endovenous laser)

Endovenous laser treatment is a fast and effective procedure for varicose vein removal. This procedure replaces vein stripping, in which the vein was totally removed from the leg. With EVLT, laser energy is delivered into the interior of the vein – causing the diseased vein to contract & close.

This procedure, similar to the VNUS procedure, is largely painless, and the patient is able to walk out without activity limitations.

This is very different from “transcutaneous” laser, which uses a laser probe on the skin.

Different types of veins and different anatomical locations make laser a better technology for some patients. At City Surgical Care, we use both technologies and tailor our approach specifically to each patient to achieve the best result.

There are many different types of laser machines. This is of critical importance, as older machines result in less even energy distribution which can lead to significantly more bruising and pain. At City Surgical Care we use the Nano 1470 generator, which has been proven to make the procedure as painless as possible, while maintaining excellent closure rates.

A discussion with a doctor is needed after you have had an ultrasound to determine which treatment plan is best for you.