Face Veins

Prominent veins on the face may be termed broken blood vessels, spider veins, telangectasia, rosacea veins or broken capillaries. These veins may assume the appearance of:

  • Minimal reddish threading around the nose or on the cheeks.
  • Enlarged blue veins near the temples or eyes or around the mouth and creases commonly referred to as “smile lines.”

Appropriate facial vein treatment is best determined after individual consultation and examination by our doctors. The ideal vein treatment strategy will be determined after careful evaluation of the location and diameter of the enlarged facial veins. Sclerotherapy or electrocoagulation may be recommended for treatment of your prominent facial veins. Modern advancements in sclerotherapy techniques facilitate small vein injections with lesser degrees of trauma to facial tissues than may be caused by popular laser procedures. If any small facial veins are prominent after facial sclerotherapy, they can be treated successfully by electrocoagulation.