Breast Veins

Varicose veins may appear in female breast skin and tissue, causing discomfort and an unattractive appearance. Especially following breast surgery of any type, these veins may become quite prominent. In addition, broken capillaries and spider veins often appear on the chest area beneath the breasts. These troublesome veins can be very successfully treated with advanced sclerotherapy techniques.

These breast veins may be caused by genetics, by venous blockages in the nearby neck or armpit or by trauma. They may also result from pressure following implanted breast procedures or skin thinning during the aging cycle. Part of our diagnostic testing will involve a thorough search for a treatable cause, prior to embarking on a short term cure. We always believe vascular and vein problems are best treated by addressing the underlying cause prior to repairing the cosmetic issue.

Patients may experience some bruising or skin inflammation after sclerotherapy or electrocoagulation treatment, but full recovery is most often rapid and complete. Patients are often advised to wear a close-fitting brassiere following treatment procedures for compression during the healing process. This technique can also aid in promoting attractive cosmetic results in breast skin and tissue.