ICE Sclerotherapy ™

ICE Sclerotherapy is a combination of therapies grouped together to produce optimal results with minimal pain, pioneered by Dr. David A. Greuner of NYC Surgical Associates, and used throughout our clinics in the NYC metro area with excellent results vastly superior to traditional sclerotherapy.

The two most common problems with sclerotherapy that can be avoided with Dr. Greuner’s technique are initial pain of the needle, and post procedure bruising.

By using cryotherapy (cooling of the skin) with an additional agent that causes increased contraction of the blood vessel, as well as an FDA approved sclerosing solution, we are able to make sclerotherapy much more effective.

We are also able to minimize pain, and lessen bruising, because the vein is more contracted after the procedure. It closes more effectively, and has less blood in it to cause bruising and discoloration.

Not every patient is a candidate for ICE sclerotherapy, but most are. Find out how we can help you get the best results with minimal pain and bruising today.