At City Surgical Care, our diagnostic labs offer a variety of noninvasive, cutting edge testing to diagnose the full spectrum of cardiovascular and neurologic disorders.

The most common causes of leg pain, spasm, cramping, and restless legs are either neurologic or vascular in nature. Having the availability to perform this testing, we are able to streamline our patient care, and make an “on the spot” decision regarding the best avenue for care without the need for waiting on time consuming referrals.

We strongly believe in having as much data about each patients condition as possible, using noninvasive testing only prior to making a decision to perform a procedure.

In addition to using these advanced imaging techniques to diagnose disease, we are also able to use them to perform procedures with real time image guidance avoiding the need for incisions in most of our procedures.

Using this data to make the right decision helps us improve patient outcomes, which is our ultimate goal, every day.