Fellowship Program

The fellowship program in endovenous interventions at NYC Surgical Associates is a high volume, venous specific program that trains physicians and surgeons of the appropriate clinical background in all aspects of the diagnosis, pre and perioperative management, as well as the postoperative care of the patient plagued with venous disease.

Diagnostic ultrasound testing is done in American College of Radiology accredited on site labs, and offices contain AAAA accredited operating suites.

Our case volume ranges from 100-200 cases monthly, with 3 staff physicians at 5 offices, led by Dr. David Greuner, our surgical director. The vast majority of cases are endovenous ablation techniques of superficial vessels, as well as phlebectomy, and the various forms of sclerotherapy, both ultrasound guided and cosmetic.

The administration and pharmacology of tumescent local anesthesia is taught and the option for MAC and general anesthesia exists in certain scenarios at our accredited facilities.

Fluoroscopy guided interventions such as venograms, venous stenting, IVUS, and thrombolysis are also performed. Indications for these studies are also taught and discussed.

Indications, physical performance of, and interpretation of duplex ultrasound testing as well as preoperative workup, postoperative care, and when to choose which modality is taught as well as didactic teaching for venous disease.

Payor requirements, stipulations, coding and criteria are learned during the fellowship, as well as administrative nuances.

Opportunities for clinical research are available, and in fact encouraged. At least one case report is mandatory for each candidate during the fellowship period.

Continuing medical education is mandatory for fellows, and one Phlebology specific meeting per year will be funded as part of the fellowship. Membership in certain related medical societies will be funded, and certification as a registered vascular technician is required and facilitated prior to certification of successful fellowship completion.

We at NYC Surgical Associates believe in excellence and dedication to patient care above all else, and are highly selective in our acceptance criteria. Should you feel you fit the mold and are interested in applying please submit a CV and cover letter to atonis@nycsurgical.net.