No-Knife Endovenous Laser™

No-Knife Endovenous Laser is a procedure invented by Dr. Greuner that goes a step further than the technique utilized by even the most experienced minimally invasive surgeons treating venous disease today.

The most modern standard of care for minimally invasive vein treatment utilizes a small 4-10mm incision, as a sheath is used to pass a laser or radiofrequency catheter into the blood vessel.

Dr. Greuner and his associates go one step further, with the No-Knife Endovenous laser technique. They utilize a special very thin laser fiber and the most modern laser technology available today.

This laser fiber is able to fit DIRECTLY through a needle, no larger than a needle typically used to draw blood.

By using this method, the surgeons at City Surgical Care are able to achieve the same success, without ANY evidence of a procedure being done in the vast majority of cases, even in patients more prone to abnormal scarring.

Come in for an evaluation to check if you are a candidate for the No-Knife Endovenous Laser procedure today.