Pelvic Vein Embolization

Pelvic vein embolization is performed as an outpatient procedure using xray or fluoroscopic guidance. It is a incision-less procedure where a catheter is threaded through the groin into the veins that are not working correctly into the pelvis, around the ovaries.

The non functional veins in the pelvis where blood is pooling in excess and not circulating are closed off using foam and/or a special device. This prevents blood from pooling in the non functional veins that are the source of pain. It releases pressure on the organs in the pelvis removing the compression of the pressurized blood on the organs.

An image called a “venogram” is performed before and after the procedure, to demonstrate outcome by comparing the two images to ensure a successful result.

You are able to go home and resume most activities immediately after the procedure, depending on whether IV sedation is or is not used.

Often a significant improvement in pain is apparent within the first few days post procedure, and no downtime is needed. Patients can resume work and normal activities the following day, even after IV sedation.

The first step to whether this is a possible treatment to relieve your symptoms is a consultation and physical examination as well as a noninvasive duplex sonogram. Your treating physician will then determine whether further treatment or testing is warranted to resolve your symptoms and get you on the road to being pain free.