See The Best Treatments For Varicose Veins In New York On The Dr. Steve Show Sunday Oct. 13th

Dr. David Greuner, Surgical Director of Vein Centers of NYC Surgical Associates appears on The Dr. Steve Show this Sunday, Oct. 13th at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the latest advances in treating varicose veins. This segment focuses on men and varicose veins, with the story of a New Jersey man who has had vein problems since his early 20′s which were complicated by a leg injury. He is now undergoing advanced vein treatments.

“Men and women develop varicose veins in almost equal numbers,” says Dr. Greuner. “Over 40% of the male population is expected to develop venous problems by age 50,” he says. “The difference is that men usually wait longer to seek medical care later than do women.”

Vein Centers of NYC Surgical Associates offers the most advanced minimally invasive treatments for venous disease and varicose veins including No-Knife Endovenous Laser ™, a scarless procedure for varicose veins developed by Dr. Greuner.

For more information visit or call 888-286-6600.

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